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Shogun were the highest ruler of the country in Japan. The shogun held almost absolute power over territories through military. Here we are taking a Shogun name to represent a great leader role. Fat itself implemented as a rich and solid. The philosophy behind Fat Shogun, completed as a leader who is very solid in mind and rich in ideas. A great leader who could represent cuisines with rich ingredients and eclectic cultures, and represent the place to rediscover a history of culinary evolution from Lima, Peru stems from 300 years of Spanish influence fused with 150 years of China mystical Asian cuisine and a strong Japanese influence cooking technique.  

The single most evident manifestation of Japan’s historical influence in Peru is Nikkei Cuisine, the Japanese-Peruvianculture’s fusion food, which has swept the culinary . This result has been labeled the Japanese-Peruvian “Love Child,” as a result of the unique way that the two cultures have come together to produce a new Japanese-Peruvian Culinary Culture, also known as “Nikkei Cuisine.” Using young, dynamic “The Meeting of Twosome” The Epicurean of Nikkei has re-instilled into today’s neighborhood restaurant, a platform of quality and care that can only be found in the major cities of Europe, South America, and now in the South East Asia. Enjoy the fruits of “The Nikkei” and see what resulted when the great master culinary capital of Japan, fused together, through it’s immigrant people to Peru, to naturally create an explosive new cuisine, and one that has based it’s philosophy to include: Japanese cuisine that is Peruvian-Inspired. An easy modern feel to enjoy the fruits and knowledge of The Nikkei. Unique and hard to find accented dishes and beverage. The warmth of true hospitality that has seemed to all but disappear today

Japanese Peruvian as well known Nikkei Chef Mitsuharu defines as “The union of two styles that is intentional, no longer out of necessity”. Fat Shogun brings something new and rare in Jakarta Culinary, a cuisine that is grown with the culture, slowly evolving with new steps and along the way and could fit Indonesian Palate. Fat shogun keeps the Growth and Evolution of its Nikkei Cuisine, to be the next big thing in gastronomy and culinary industry in Jakarta, and also truly exciting prospect for a Chef who wants to continue playing with Nikkei balance and influence and serving people who would always hungry for something new.  

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